This Privacy Policy is based on Telegram Privacy Policy.
Last update 7th december 2016

1. Sharing data

We never share your data with anyone. No. This includes your personal data (name, email) and messages dispatched by this platform.

2. Storing data only stores the data it needs to function properly — for as long as you want the service to function.

Account creation

Some data may be collected when you choose to use platform in your website.

This includes:

  • plugin’s technical informations: this includes your plugin api key and website url
  • admin email, first name and last name: as described in point (1) we don’t share your data nor spam you. This is only a measure to let us communicate directly with you in case of problems or platform overload. In some cases we could send you emails related to your platform’s usage or news. We don’t collect your users’ data. We intend as “admin” the single person who configures the plugin in the settings screen.

NO DATA is collected if you use the plugin in “SSL mode” because incoming messages don’t pass in our servers.

Dispatched Messages

We log actions made by our platform. This may include sender id, name, and message. We never share this data with anyone and do this for security reasons. We don’t combine data to track a particular user or website. Dispatched messages don’t include your server’s response because the communication is direct between your website and Telegram server.