Welcome to BotPress!

Today we’re rolling out a new update for the WordPress plugin “Telegram Bot”, which reaches version 2.0 with many changes and enhancements.

New “bypass” platform (non-SSL users)

1.000+ users registered and 900+ websites served.

Now it’s time to retire WPTele.ga. In the coming weeks it will be replaced by BotPress.org that will provide a faster and easier experience for everyone, with SSD database and a new core.

FAQ – How much does it cost?

Nothing. At the moment we don’t charge for using the platform. Please note that this may vary in the future and some limits may apply if you make too much requests.

The best way to keep the service free is help with a donation to keep it alive.

FAQ – I am already using WPTele.ga. What should i do?

At the moment you can continue using it. However i suggest to change “WPTele.ga” to “BotPress.org” in your plugin options. This must be done on your side.

Registration is no longer required, but the plugin automatically sends required data to our server to setup a “virtual account” for you.

FAQ – Which data is collected if i choose BotPress?

We collect the data that is required to give you the service.
This includes plugin token, website urladmin name and email.

According to our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions, we’ll not share your data or spam you. You may receive occasional news and communications about the platform and/or your account usage.

No data is collected if you use your own SSL (bypass not required)

New targeting system

You can send messages differently between users, groups and channel.

Inline buttons support

The plugin now supports inline buttons. If you don’t want traditional keyboards and wanna build something new, give them a try!


Having a link to your bot/channel directly in your homepage is fine. Now easier too!

Better localization

More strings available to translate. Wanna get involved?

Speed improved

Many parts of the core are now better. For example, keyboard string_to_array conversion is now made directly when you save the command.

New filters and functions

Some filters and functions has been added. Check the source code to find more. I am adding filters basing on professional customization day by day. If you need a new one, let’s talk in the forum.


The send_message functions is now more powerful with disable_web_page_preview and disable_notification parameter. They are false by default, but can be set to avoid the automatic generation of your link preview or to disable the client-side notification (silent-mode).

telegram_sendmessage( $chat_id, $text, $reply_markup = false, $disable_web_page_preview = false, $disable_notification = false )

Plus: bugfixes and UI improvements

Telegram Bot will provide a better and easier experience.

Thank you for using BotPress.org

If you have any question or feedback, let me know!

Marco Milesi

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