On 7 july 2016 we’ve released a new version for our plugin, which brings performance improvements to prevent timeout when sending to multiple users.

At the moment, due to Telegram Bot platform limits, there isn’t a fast way for sending bulk messages at once. This means that when you send your messages to 1.000 users, the plugin creates 1.000 different connections with the Telegram platform. Strange? Well, it is. This means useless consumption of resources and timeout risks.

At the moment the plugin should be able to push your news to 500 users without problems (more or less depending on your server). In case you need to broadcast to more people, you can consider to increase timeout limit or use a channel. There are also advanced solutions like pthreads implementation.

Another solution which we suggest to try is indoona, an italian open source platform made with “bot-in-mind”. It brings bulk message sending (yes, 1 connection instead of 1.000 for sending to 1.000 users) as well as other facilities that are easy, fast and scalable.

1.4 07.07.2016 changelog

  • Timeout prevention while sending to many users (Telegram doesn’t support bulk actions)
  • Please note that Telegram broadcasting is better with channels. You can try alsoindoona, another open chat (made in Italy) that is better and faster when sending multiple messages at once. indoona allows you to keep your followers and fans always up to date with your WordPress site directly from their chat!
  • Bugfix in parsing
  • Entries are now deleted instead of being deactivated (timeout prevention)
  • Old entries will be deleted when approriate error code is received from Telegram (as before when deactivating)

Featured image ©Marco Milesi – Nymphenburg palace Munich

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