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@CosenzApp_bot is a great Telegram bot created by CosenzApp as a guide for the beautiful italian city. This is the first bot that is implementing our new location apis and makes a great use of keyboards.

Try it yourself on

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6 thoughts on “@CosenzApp_bot is one of the best bot created with our plugin

  1. Hi, I’m using wptele plugin in my non-ssl website but when user sends commands nothing will happn,logs will receive to my website and i can see all the commands but as i said nothing will happen please help me

  2. I got it to work once but with my new project, the connection is missing between my site und … not sure what is wrong

    1. Hi,
      i see it’s working from our side. Please Telegram token and api key. You can also identify from “Telegram > Log” if messages are correctly dispatched.

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