Another important step has reached for our plugin: custom keyboards and command alias!

Custom Keyboards

This version adds an option that allows you to define a keyboard

telegram keyboardMarkdown examples

command,/command,test,second row

You can define as many columns and rows as you want. Rows are separated by the “;” delimiter. Columns are separated, in each row, by the comma “,” delimiter.

The string you define between previous delimiters is the message that will be sent by the client to the server.

Technical details:

‘resize_keyboard’ => true
‘one_time_keyboard’ => false

The keyboard is actually fixed. This means that it can be manually hidden by the client and is shown by default for every conversation and command.

Commands Alias

telegram commands alias

With this version you can define multiple commands with the same reply without create multiple entries. Details are shown in the image.

Thank you for using our plugin. If you need help, or would like to give feedback, feel free to get in touch.

20 thoughts on “Introducing v1.2: Custom Keyboards + Command Alias

    1. Hi,
      this is not possible because the plugin uses many WordPress APIs. We suggest to build a free website. Altervista for example offers free hosting that is powerful and can enable CloudFlare for SSL encryption.

    1. Al momento è possibile inviare solo testo ai canali. Le immagini possono essere inviate solo come risposta a un comando (impostandole come in evidenza per quel comando).

    1. Hi,
      at the moment you can only send images as a command response. Set the featured image for a command and it’ll be send as response

      1. Hi, I don´t know if this has been addressed but like in commands is there a way to add parameters for example

        A command for example:

        Time Brussells

        and returns the time there (of course some PHP code in the content) but be able for example do something like %param1% in the substitution of the code ?

        1. You can easily get the text string and split it via php. In that case $param[0]=”Time” and $param[1]=”Brussells”

          1. Good work!
            Can I add one command like [weather %town%] and use it with any combination? It will be one command, or I need to create different commands for every city?

    1. Yes, it’s possibile to include emoji if you write them directly (for example, with your smartphone keyboard or by copy-paste). Of course, only standard emoji are allowed

  1. Hello,
    I created commands in my wordpress plugin page but they aren’t work.
    When I type that commands in robot private chat, nothing happen.
    I use commands like start or /start or register or /register
    with slash or without but nothing happen.

    I create a channel and make robot administrator of that channel and send message and the message sent successfully.
    but the commands don’t work correctly.
    thank you

    1. Hi,
      when you type /start you subscribe to the bot and you should see yourself in Telegram WordPress menu. If it’s not working, please check your settings tokens

      1. Hi,
        Is there a possibility to send message to channel via wordpress plugin admin page but the token is incorrect?
        The message sending is OK and I think the token is OK. although I double check the token and integration with this site.
        But, when I click start on my bot private chat, my telegram account never show in subscribers list and also never shown for me when I click start or type start or /start etc…

        1. I’ve checked your website and it seems that it’s redirecting to another domain, am i wrong?
          If messages are sending, then token are correct. Also, check if Telegram > Log is showing something (text or errors) when you try sending a message.

          1. Hi,
            You are right, my domain is redirecting, but there is the domain “after redirect”, register over there when I first send a comment here. I just have change this domain to “before redirect” subdomain for the testing purposes.
            I have double check the token and the plugin API as I mentioned before.
            I absolutely very need of this plugin working together with my robot(s), but now, because of forcing issue, I had to change the service provider and run my bot on another service.
            and it is my first bot.
            I will create some other bot and first of all with the all manuals, I check them with this plugin.
            I have to make this plugin running with my bot(s), because I didn’t find any other plugin like this which manage both commands and group/channel posting.
            Also, I just saw an option in other services which is not here.
            It is the option to reply to some what received in the robots private chat from users.
            I mean a user in one of robots command, send us a picture, phone number or something else, and there isn’t any option to just reply to that user for his/her post.

            I will check with my newly bots and inform for the problems later.
            have a great time… 😉

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