update 0.10 – 24 october 2015

This update brings shortcode support to commands. This means that you can further expand your bot.

For example, a shortcode for listing latest posts could be inserted in the content of /latest command.

Please remember that links must be sent with the format [text](url)

This update makes also possible to use php in commands.
We suggest using Insert PHP

6 thoughts on “Update 0.10 brings shortcode support

  1. Hey can you add something that we can use “text” instead of /commands ? like sending ” Photo ” instead of /photo

    1. Hi,
      you don’t necessary have to write command with /command markdown. If you create a command named “photo” then when your users write “photo” they will get your command content.

  2. Hi
    its good. but its not full working in wp ver 4.4 Latest released
    i only can send plan test to my channel

    i using plg version 1.1 beta
    wp ver4.4 Persian lng

    please solve this problem

    1. Hi,
      we didn’t notice problems. Please update to the latest version and try increasing PHP version if using 5.3 or less.

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