We’ve reached a new milestone for WPTele.ga project: 100+ users registered on your website. More thank 50% of people using our platform come from Iran. Quite impressive!

active users wptele october

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11 thoughts on “100 users registered: Iran most active country!

    1. If you want to help translating this website, feel free to contact me directly. As regards the plugin, i will use wordpress.org translation platform as soon as it becomes available 🙂

  1. Hi dear Marco
    I’m from iran too!
    Thanks for your really great plugin!
    I can help in translation too!

    Best regards

    1. Thank You! At the moment i just focuse on improving the plugin for the final release. I hope that the system translate.wordpress.org will arrive soon to my plugin (they are testing it), so that everyone can contribute translating 🙂 Thank You!

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