starting from today we’ve added Zapier support to our plugin

Click here to get an invite (early beta)

This implementation allows to create automated and painless messages. For example you will be able to send the weather to your subscribers, every day. You could also inform users when you upload an image on Instragram, a news on your website, and much more with 400+ Zapier Apps… Everything without a single line of code!

We consider this as another big step that brings you endless possibilities for your telegram system!
Please let us know if you notice bugs and some feedback.

Marco Milesi

PS. This step has to be considered in beta until plugin version 1.0 is released and our Zapier integration becomes public without invite.


4 thoughts on “Announcing Zapier integration

    1. Hello!
      In short:

      As regards Zapier, you have to join our app using the link above. Then you can set your own actions directly in Zapier panel using the application “Telegram Bot for WordPress”.
      As soon as possibile we will release proper documentation.

  1. Hi

    What action should I use when creating a Zap in Zapier.? Can’t find how to send the data from Zapier to your Telegram Bot wp plugin directly.

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